Ornaments are meant to showcase the season in small ways around your home. The most common way of using them is on your Christmas tree, but there are many ways you can tuck a small reminder of the holiday season into other areas of your rooms. Here are some great ideas on decorating with ornaments!

Everyday inexpensive items can be hung with a little red ribbon, and displayed with as much pride as the ornament handed down through the generations!

Cookie cutters make great ornaments, especially the metal ones tied up with red ribbon. I use the very ones my mother used when I was young!

Little toy race cars are sold 6 to a package in every dollar shop, and make terrific ornaments signifying a little boys Christmas!

Create a bouquet from ornaments! Remove the hanger, then glue to a mirror round (craft store) hanger opening up. Fill with flowers. Thanks BHG for this great idea!

Decorating with ornaments


Hang them from curtain rods, or tack them onto the inside of the window frame.



Pin one to the guest towels in the bathroom!

Pile them in a bowl to display.


decorating with ornaments



Use them as pulls on your ceiling fan or hang from your chandelier.




Tie them to the drawer pulls in your kitchen!

Hang one from door handles.



Hang one in your car!

Tie one to the backs of your dining chairs



Use hanging from stairs.

Decorating with ornaments

This idea from Unskinny Boppy is fantastic… you can often find old wooden boxes in thrift and antique shops for around $10… fill them with white miniature lights and ornaments! How can you not love this look?

How to decorate with ornaments

Use your imagination, and use your personal and handmade ornaments to add a glimmer of hope in every little special space in your home!

Image Credits: BHG, BHG, Real SImple, Unskinny Boppy

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