Ornaments are meant to showcase the season in small ways around your home. The most common way of using them is on your Christmas tree, but there are many ways you can tuck a small reminder of the holiday season into other areas of your rooms. Here are some great Christmas decorating ideas on how to decorate with ornaments.  Not just for trees!




Christmas Decorating with Ornaments

You don’t have to go out and buy expensive ornaments and you don’t have to spend hours crafting them either. Use everyday items to make handmade ornaments that are clever and cute! Try some of these Christmas decorating ideas to get you going, or just pop out to the dollar store and buy some shiny baubles for cheap. If you watch sales and craft store coupons, you can get balls in large containers inexpensively as well.

Remember, even everyday things you love can be hung with a little red ribbon, and displayed with as much pride as the ornament handed down through the generations.


How to Decorate with Ornaments

This Christmas decorating idea using ornaments is from ‘Country Living‘. Fill mason jars with small ornaments and then either group them or use them on their own. This is a great way to use cheap, dollar store ornaments because any flaws won’t be obvious through the glass.


I have hung all my kids baby shoes on the tree every year, and now I’m adding my grandkids’! Apparently I’m not the only one! Photo by ‘Style Blueprint‘.


Learn how to make a Christmas ornament topiary with this tutorial from ‘BHG‘. You could decorate for Christmas with these anywhere from the dining table to the bathroom counter!


Old books can be bought for a song at thrift stores, and you can make some pretty cool DIY book page ornaments with this tutorial from ‘Gimme Some Oven‘. BTW, she is one of our fav food bloggers, so while you are there, try some holiday recipes too!


Cookie cutters make great DIY holiday ornaments, especially the metal ones tied up with red ribbon. I use the same ones my mother used to teach me to bake when I was little to decorate for Christmas! ‘HGTV‘ took it up a notch and shows us how to add a little creative detail to make these ornaments stand out.


Little toy race cars are sold 6 to a package in every dollar shop, and make terrific nostalgic ornaments at Christmas! Try this easy Christmas decorating idea from ‘Lets Do Something Crafty‘!


Create a bouquet from Christmas ornaments! Remove the hanger, then glue to a mirror round (craft or dollar store) hanger opening up. Remove the hanger and fill with flowers. Thanks ‘BHG‘ for this great idea!

Decorating with ornaments


Decorate with ornaments by hanging them from curtain rods, or tack them onto the inside of the window frame. Photo by ‘Dans Le Lakehouse‘.


Pile Christmas ornaments into bowl with greens and faux snow. From ‘BHG‘.



A thrift store cake stand and some shiny baubles are the perfect Christmas decorating idea!

decorating with ornaments


Use ornaments to create a wreath to hang on a door or use as a centerpiece for your table. This tutorial from ‘Martha‘ can be done with either hot glue or floral pins and a straw wreath. Love all the variations in color and size!


Or try this DIY ornament wreath from ‘Four Generations, One Roof‘.


Use them as pulls on your ceiling fan or hang from your chandelier. Try this easy DIY Christmas decorating idea from ‘Martha‘.


Hang holiday ornaments over kitchen cabinet doors for a fresh take on holiday decorating. Check out this whole kitchen and it’s festive holiday decor! Photo by ‘It All Started with Paint’.


Hang one from doorknobs! Try this free printable Christmas door hanger from Diane at ‘In My Own Style! (And don’t forget to add the bell at the bottom!)


Tie ornaments to the backs of your dining chairs with pretty ribbon. Photo by ‘Pink Peonies‘.


Decorate with ornaments by hanging them from your staircase for Christmas cheer! Photo by ‘Lowes‘.


This Christmas decorating idea from Unskinny Boppy is fantastic… you can often find old wooden boxes in thrift and antique shops for around $10… fill them with white miniature LED lights and ornaments! How can you not love this look?

How to decorate with ornaments

Use your imagination and your personal and handmade ornaments to add a glimmer of Christmas decorating in every little special space in your home! If you enjoyed learning how to decorate with ornaments, jump right on over to our posts on DIY Christmas mantel decorating and DIY holiday wreaths! Or learn how to make your own at Gorgeous DIY Christmas Ornaments over at OhMeOhMy!

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Image Credits: Martha, Country Living, Style Blueprint , BHG, Gimme Some Oven, HGTV, Let's Do Something Crafty, Dans Le Lakehouse, Four Generations, One Roof, Martha, It All Started with Paint, In My Own Style, Pink Peonies, Lowes, Unskinny Boppy


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  1. Marrge September 6, 2018 at 6:29 pm

    love all your posts but have yet to find chanukah items to make. If its not to early for Christmas items it can be too early for Chanukah

    1. Kathy Woodard September 24, 2018 at 3:45 pm

      Hi Marrge! Thank you for the suggestion! We ourselves do not celebrate Chanukah, so we don’t have any experience there, but we may just do a round up post from some great bloggers who do!


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