Fall is one of my favorite seasons, and I really get a warm fuzzy feeling from seeing all the amazing fall leaf decor and DIY fall craft ideas on Pinterest. (Have you seen our Fall Decorating Bloggers Home Tours post? Be prepared to swoon, and then immediately feel an overwhelming need to make hot cocoa.:)) Problem for me is that I love fall decor with a natural, back to nature vibe. It’s kinda what the whole season is about for me. So, if things get too cutesy, it turns me off a bit. (Long term readers, you have heard this before, me thinks?)

So in an effort to share with the blogosphere my take on what fall decorating should be about, we went out looking for fall crafts that feature the epitome of autumn… fall leaves decor! Not just any projects, these fit my admittedly narrow (yet well intentioned) views on celebrating the subtleties of nature and the changes it makes this time of year. So if you are a fan of pretty fall leaves, white pumpkins and natural hues, join us and check out these DIY fall craft & decor projects!



DIY Fall Crafts : Fall Leaves Decor & Projects

Check out these ah-mazing autumn leaf fairy lights from ‘Wallflower Girl‘. Not only are these just the best DIY fall craft, they are easy to make with some string lights, some fall leaves and some wax paper. Talk about “illuminating” the best of fall!

DIY Fall Leaf Decor Projects


From ‘Liljor Och Tulpaner‘, this is a great example of  fall leaves decor with firefly lights. (Find them at your craft store.)

DIY fall leaf decor-14


From ‘Simple as That‘, this DIY fall leaf book page banner combines my two favorite things! And doesn’t it just make you want to take that cup of cocoa (you know, the one you made when you started reading all this fall inspiration?) and go curl up in a corner chair with a book and a warm throw?

DIY fall leaf decor-2


Melissa at ‘The Sweet Escape‘ shows us how to make these DIY fall craft pumpkins for a new take on fall crafts! She actually spray painted orange pumpkins white, but as she mentions, you could just buy white ones. (They are a tad more expensive though, but so totally worth it!)  A little Mod Podge or white glue and some fall leaves and you have art!

DIY fall leaf decor-3


Wreaths are one place that things can get too cute, fast. Luckily, ‘HGTV‘ has this pictorial tutorial (say that three times fast) on how to make a fall wreath. This is a natural, easy and fun fall leaf decor project. Make sure you read the little tip near the bottom on how to permanently preserve your fall leaves if you want your wreath to last more than one season. If not, that’s ok. It was gathered leaves and some thread, right? Totally worth it for one season of fall splendor. Click through the photos for a step by step tutorial. Want more? Pop on over to our sister site OhMyOhMy and check out our post on DIY Fall Wreath Ideas!

DIY fall leaf decor-4


Melissa from ‘The Polka Dot Chair‘ caught at our heart strings with this fall leaf wreath tutorial. This is an easy DIY fall craft, but looks so detailed and amazing because she used scrapbook paper. (Which comes in a dizzying array of patterns, prints, colors and designs.) And I’m a sucker for polka dots! DIY fall leaf decor-12


This fall leaves decoration from ‘ Boxwood Clippings’ via ‘House of Jade‘ has sparkle, glamour, and homey-ness! Make sure you check out the tutorial for this fun fall leaf decor project, and the pics of the full hanging garland. Over the fireplace is perfect, right? Great budget fall craft too… Inexpensive dollar store faux leaves, doctored up by glue and glitter. Look for the more natural colors of leaves for this effect.

DIY fall leaf decor-5


This DIY fall craft garland from ‘Lia Griffith‘ is a touch more rustic and fun, and perfect for a crafter! Felt and jute twine make this project homespun, yet has a sense of elegance too. Remember, you can choose your colors as well.

DIY fall leaf decor-6


This DIY fall craft golden leaf garland from ‘The Sweetest Occassion‘ was meant as a Thanksgiving decoration, but why can’t you use this all season long? If you don’t want to write things on it you are grateful for, then how about simple inspirational words, like “Kindness”, “Faith”, and “Integrity”? The gold paint makes this project. (Oh, and that branch!)

DIY fall leaf decor-8


Last, ‘Hello Lucky‘ shows you how to take those inexpensive craft store fall leaf garlands, and turn them into something a little more useful. Not that fall decor is really about being “useful”, but this project makes it lucky that it is! (“Cause it’s pretty, too!) Try these DIY fall leaf bowls!

DIY fall leaf decor-9



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Hope you enjoyed all these wonderful DIY fall leaf decor projects. Want more fall crafts & DIY? Check out our 10 Ways to Fall Cozy  and Fall Front Porch Decorating Ideas! And since you obviously love fall leaves, check out our posts on Stunning Fall Garden Plants over at TGG,  or Fall Wreath Ideas over at OhMeOhMy!

Image Credits: Polka Dot Chair, Wallflower Girl, LILJOR OCH TULPANER, Sweet Escape, HGTV, House of Jade, Lia Griffith, Sweetest Occasion



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