We all love our plant pets, but are you giving them the home they deserve? In other words, do you need some indoor plant pot ideas? Pots can be expensive, and it adds up the more house plants you own. And who wants a houseful of ugly plastic nursery pots? You can make your own DIY plant pots with these easy tutorials, and make sure that you’re showing off those plant babies with style!

12 DIY Indoor Plant Pot Ideas Your House Plants Will Love

Indoor DIY Plant Pots

Clay Succulent Pots

Make these cool little indoor plant pots from oven bake clay. The step by step instructions have plenty of photos, and you can customize the shapes to look just how you like. From ‘Say Yes’. These succulents look amazing here, but herbs and houseplants would also look lovely in these. BTW, we’re guessing you are here because you love your houseplants. Don’t leave without checking out our post on 10 Must Have Plant Subscription Boxes  over at TGG. Trust us. ;)

Make Them with Tile

Using Morrocan style tiles, ‘Pillar Box Blue’ has directions for making their DIY plant pots. You can choose any style tile to make your pots match your own homes personality.

PVC & Spray Paint

Hard to believe these granite look indoor plant pots are a DIY planter project made from PVC pipe and spray paint! They look so real! Check out how to make these easy pots over at ‘Almost Makes Perfect’.

Faux Clay Plant Pots

Make these mini plaster pots with the super easy tutorial (and secret coloring ingredient) from ‘Paper N Stitch’.

Geometric Pots from Wood

These geometric style pots are made with dollar store glass vases and foam dowels from the craft store. Awesome idea, right? Check out all the how-to’s at ‘Lone Fox’.

Concrete Indoor Planters

Marbled Concrete Plant Pots

These modern concrete plant pots from ‘Apartment Therapy’ are made using cement and recycled food containers. These are so fresh and fun! (To make, and to look at!)

Gold Paint & Succulents

Concrete and gold leaf paint and ‘DIY in PDX’ is all you need to make these gorgeous little planters!

These concrete look hanging DIY plant pots are super easy to make, because they actually don’t use any cement at all! Made with oven bake clay and paint, these look just like the real thing, without the mess of working with cement. Find the how-to over at ‘Pretty Life Girls’.

Recycled DIY Plant Pots

Clay Planter Pots

Make an upcycled planter using a recycled tea tin and some spray paint. Love the black and gold contrast, it looks very upscale! From ‘Brittany Goldwyn’. You can find terra cotta clay pots at the thrift store, or you can buy used ones from many nurseries.

Tin Can Pot Ideas

These DIY recycled plant pots are ‘By Duhn’. You will need Google Translate if you want to read the instructions, but the step by step photos do the job just fine. Great way to upcycle coffee cans! Love the leather twine and wood block detail too.

Fabric Plant Pots

Fabric House Plant Pots

Bigger Than the Three of Us’ used scrap leather to sew a fabric plant pot to cover those ugly plastic ones! This is just a little bit of genius, and really easy to stitch up. She made another one from an old rug that has a real Boho feel, go check it out. Easy instructions on how to create your pattern and sew it up.

Homemade with Rope

Make a rope indoor plant pot with, well, with rope and glue! And with the tutorial over at ‘Collective Gen’. Love, love, love. You could also make this with twine, but the thicker it is, the easier it will be to work with.

These DIY indoor plant pot ideas are super easy to make and super stylish. We think you will also want to check out our post on Budget Outdoor Planter Projects, and DIY Plant Shelf Ideas over at OhMeOhMy! Also, you’ll need to fill all those wonderful new planters you’re going to make. Visit our post How to Grow Basil , Chinese Money Plant Care and Best Gardening Podcasts and 12 DIY Compost Bin Ideas over at TGG.

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