So, if your kids have Legos, chances are you’ve experienced that middle of the night searing pain of crushing one beneath your bare foot… Or, having your kids just about complete the ultimate creation, only to hear the wails of despair when those last few Harry Potter Legos that would be the finishing touch,  just cannot be found. These DIY Lego storage ideas will help you and the kiddos keep those admittedly awesome toys neat, tidy and easily found when the time is right for play. Also, they will make your midnight adventures much less painful. ;) So check out these DIY Lego tables with storage (also amazing for creating!), storage drawer ideas, and even travel Lego storage boxes!

10 DIY Lego Storage Ideas

Lego Storage Ideas

DIY Lego Table with Storage

So this is kinda the dream for all Lego loving kids everywhere. (And their parents!) A DIY Lego table with storage! Kids can sit and create to their hearts content, and still get ever single little brick right back in it’s place. These are great projects to help nurture creativity and imagination… combined with a little sanity storage for Mom & Dad. (Or Gpa & Gma, or Aunt Hermione… you get it… :)) So whether the holidays have just piled more Lego kits at your feet, or you are just trying to reclaim your coffee table, this is the project for you.

This first tutorial we have for you is how to find and apply the baseplates that make a Lego table so much freakin fun. ‘XO Livi‘ shows you how they took an Ikea Trofast storage unit with drawers and added the Lego baseplates to create a super fast and easy table. So for those of you who just don’t wanna build a thing, this is the way to go. You could also do this to an existing desk with drawers as well, but we love this Ikea choice.

Hello Wonderful‘ uses a Dreamcart (don’t worry, she tells you where to find one!) to make this awesome folding DIY Lego table with storage! The table itself folds down to make this cart storable, not to mention all the clear drawers for brick storage. Also, she has a trick on how to adhere the base plates without making it permanent. That way the table can be resurrected later on when Legos are not such a big deal in your house. Plus, this cart has two sizes of storage bins, perfect for both regular Legos, and the larger ones made for preschoolers.

If you want a super simple Lego table with storage, then try this Ikea hack from ‘Grace, Giggles and Naptime‘. They used an Ikea Lack coffee table, but you could use any table you choose. Then they added plastic bins for brick storage that slide under the table top. They also added a child size stool for easy play.

This tutorial from ‘The Handyman’s Daughter‘ takes the Ikea Trofast and turns it into the ultimate DIY Lego table with storage. Not only does the table allow for fun play, have tons of sliding drawer storage and is easy to move on casters… It looks like a giant Lego! Step by step photos and directions for this awesome Lego table that you couldn’t find in any store if you tried.

Also from ‘The Handyman’s Daughter‘ (Legos must be a big deal over there, right?) is this easy Ikea Lack end table hack. Using the super inexpensive tables and Trofast drawers, she made these simple Lego tables with storage. Also on her post is a mention of her Lego desk she made for her son as he got a little older, that allows him to have a homework desk and a Lego table in one! Make sure to check out that one as well…

Lego Storage Drawers

Want those Lego bricks to totally disappear when not in play? Cue these rolling DIY Lego drawers made to slide right under the bed! From ‘The Happy Housie‘, this is a great way to make sure they have a place to live where they can be pulled out when they need to be, but put away during school work or at bedtime. Lots of instructions on making the boxes and adding the caster wheels.

This in another rolling DIY Lego storage drawer that has separate compartments for sorting. From ‘Bright Green Door‘, this is another one you need basic woodworking skills for, but that will last forever. You can use it as underbed storage or simply as a portable toy box.

This Lego storage idea is from ‘Smart Girls DIY‘ and is made to slide under the couch. Low to the ground so it can fit easily under a sofa, this lets you keep those Legos out in the living or family room, but not all over the floor! If your kids are anything like mine were, they almost never played in their rooms, but always out where the action was. Perfect Lego storage drawer for busy parents.

Lego Storage Boxes & Bags

Make this fun Lego storage box for traveling over at ‘Frugal Fun 4 Boys‘. This project is perfect for boys or girls who love their Legos! This way, when they go to spend the night at grandparents, or traveling between blended households, they have a latched case for all their treasures. Made from a wood box from the craft store, some wood rounds, and paint!

This Lego storage box from ‘Made to Be a Momma‘ is perfect for travel as well. She created a base inside the box so kiddos can actually play while on long car trips or away from home. Then all the legos fit inside to a box that snaps tightly closed. This is a really inexpensive Lego storage idea as well.

Try a drawstring bag for Lego storage! The mat allows the kids to play down on the floor, then it all gathers up into a perfectly easy, one motion clean up! ‘Two Feet First‘ used canvas fabric, but also think about canvas drop cloths you can pick up at home improvement stores.

So if you need Lego storage ideas, try some of these DIY projects to get those bricks of parental foot pain off the floor! We think you will also love our post on DIY Wall Mural Ideas for Kids! Also check out DIY Kids Outdoor Playsets over at TGG!

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