After a recent move into a home where we finally have plenty of room to store everything, all I seem to want to do is stay super organized! After all, why ruin a beautiful home stuffing every crevice full of “stuff”, right? So one of the first things my daughter Rachel and I wanted was a DIY jewelry organizer. (Might be because of the tangled mess we found our things in after unpacking!) Not only is jewelry easily tangled and lost, it’s also easily forgotten about. How many times have you gone through your jewelry box and thought, “Oh, I forgot I had that, I wish I would have worn that when I went to…”?

Jewelry boxes are great, but they don’t keep your pretties on display. And I think pretties should always be on display. So we went searching for some great DIY jewelry organizer ideas that are not only really efficient at keeping your goodies right at your fingertips, but also are gorgeous decor in their own right. And I think we nailed it!




DIY Jewelry Organizer Ideas

Hanging Jewelry Organizer

Our first DIY jewelry organizer is from ‘Crafts Unleashed‘. Now when you think of chicken wire, you think rustic, farmhouse style, right? This chicken wire DIY jewelry holder is the perfect amount of rustic, mixed with fresh pretty chic. They are using this one for earrings, but they have instructions on how to add hooks for necklaces or bracelets too.

DIY jewelry organizer-1


How to Organize Necklaces

This DIY jewelry hanger is from yours truly, and we are in love with our driftwood necklace organizer! A full tutorial is coming!

DIY Jewelry Organizer


DIY Rustic Jewelry Holder

From Emma at ‘A Beautiful Mess‘, this jewelry organizer on a wall is an easy trip to Hobby Lobby for some knobs, a decorative wall decor piece like these antlers, and some molding. Voila!

DIY jewelry organizers-2



Artsy Hanging Necklace Organizer

This canvas art DIY jewelry organizer from Allison at ‘Crafted Love‘ is perfect for my closet space. Not only am I a huge fan of anything inspirational, I love art, and this makes your jewelry perfect to hang on the wall without feeling like it’s a utilitarian piece. Loving this! Oh, and she talks you through the painting part too, you can do it!

DIY jewelry organizers-3


Gold & Navy Hanger

From Megan at ‘The Homes I Have Made‘, (thank her, she’s a military wife and mom!) this jewelry organizer idea is another thats so pretty (especially with her jewelry, love her style!) it makes great decor. I love the little gold touches, not too much, but just a spattering of glam. Pretty, but not too pretty, for those of you who don’t want everything pink and crusted in crystals. :)

DIY jewelry organizers-4


Earring Holder DIY

Nancy from ‘Artsy Chicks Rule‘ knows a thing or two about crafting a cool project. This wall mount DIY jewelry organizer is perfect because it’s easy for a beginning DIY’er to tackle, and what is that I see? An inspirational saying to remind you you deserve to feel fabulous? (Which you can download and print for free from her tutorial…) She had me at “DIY”.

DIY jewelry organizer-5


DIY Hobby Lobby Jewelry Organizer

I love the little shelf that goes with this jewelry organizing wall system from ‘Lydi Out Loud‘. This project starts with a simple white photo frame and a little shelf from Hobby Lobby, that’s it!



DIY Wall Mount Jewelry Organizer

Ama from ‘OhOh Blog’ guest posted this really stylin’ wall DIY jewelry organizer hanger over at ‘Dream a Little Bigger‘. This is one of those projects that makes you wonder how it can really be a DIY because it’s so good! I love that it’s different, and we’re all about embracing style here, not just embracing trends. A little bit of plywood, a few small dowels and some craft supplies will have this half way to done for you!

DIY jewelry organizer-7


Easy Jewelry Storage

Last, we have this notebook jewelry organizing idea from ‘Brit & Co.” This takes the work out of crafting, because all the materials to make this come in a kit! This is such a cute project, and would be good for travel as well. Photos by Kurt and Chris Andre.

DIY jewelry organizer-8

DIY jewelry organizer-9

We hope you enjoyed all these DIY Jewelry Organizer Ideas! Hop on over to our posts on dollar store organizing ideas and budget makeup storage!

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  1. Lydia @ Lydi Out September 6, 2016 at 7:38 am

    Thanks so much for sharing my jewelry organizer Kathy! These are very inspiring ideas! I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend.

    1. Kathy Woodard September 8, 2016 at 1:40 pm

      We love it Lydia! We just moved both house and our office, so I can’t wait to make one for my new walk in closet… Finally will be able to find all my stuff! Same to you, have a great day!

  2. London Jewellers November 22, 2023 at 3:50 am

    Beautiful DIY! I love these amazing jewelry organizer and can’t wait to try.


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