A lot of parents are homeschooling, virtual schooling, or simply doing homework with their kiddos every day. And the only thing that will make that easier (besides a live in tutor for those math problems) is a kids desk idea that fits your family. Depending on whether you need to store curriculum, school multiple siblings, or just need a quiet spot for your kids for an hour in the evening, we found a DIY kids desk perfect for you. And if you don’t have the time to DIY it? (Um, if you’re schooling at home, you may not have time to shower.) I homeschooled my kids for awhile when they were young, and I get the challenges. No problem, we have some ideas on where you can buy a kids desk, complete with free shipping. Read on to find out how to get your homework or homeschool happenings organized, and perhaps, just a little more fun.

Kids Desk Ideas

How to Make a Kids Desk

Let’s start with some really simple to make DIY kids desk ideas. This first one from ‘Bloom in the Back‘ seriously just requires a screwdriver, and a wood tabletop. A drill would be helpful, but not necessary. Oh, and some of these really cool hairpin legs that she used to make this look like a high end piece of furniture. What makes this different from just using a table as a desk? Easy. A full size table is not a comfortable spot for most little ones, and it’s not ergonomically healthy to try to read, write and work on art projects if your body is uncomfortable.

Lots of desktop space, simple to clean up, and plenty of room underneath for file cabinets if you choose. She even tells you where to find those table legs. If you don’t have an Ikea near you, Lowes or a similar store should carry the tabletops. Seriously easy DIY kids desk. Seriously.

Using plywood and wooden table legs, ‘Southern Yankee DIY‘ teach you how to make a kids desk and stool, the easy way! A simple box construction give you some cubby style storage, and the stool slides right underneath the desk. And let’s face it, that cool, color block style paint job is so fun! Customize it to your child, whether they are a pink princess or prince, or are more into black and grey modern. Or, anything in between. Or leave it all natural and just seal it.

Ikea DIY Kids Desk

Your Modern Family‘ used an Ikea white tabletop and brackets to create a wall desk. Then they added an end table/storage cart with sliding drawers for storage that they found at Hobby Lobby. They cut the legs on the cart to make it fit neatly under the end of the desktop. Then they added hanging Ikea buckets as storage. This kids desk seats three, though obviously you can customize the size of the desktop. This is the perfect homework station! The drawers allow plenty of space for pencils, pens, paper and calculators. Anyone else have trouble getting the kids started on their homework, because they are always running around the house looking for supplies?

DIY Kids Floating Desk

We love this DIY floating desk for kids over at ‘The Crafting Nook‘! It doesn’t take up any floor space, so it’s great for small rooms. Plus, it has tons of storage. Like, tons! All those cute cubbies are perfect for everything from school supplies to essential art items. And the pegboard backing allows you to keep the desktop clear for reading, writing or drawing. Lots of step by step photos for this DIY kids desk, with all the directions you need for this project to turn out just right. Always make sure when attaching something to the wall that you either mount the brackets into a stud, or use heavy duty wall anchors rated for the proper weight.

Want a child’s floating desk that is even simpler to make? Check out ‘Jessica Wellington Interiors‘ and see how they made this DIY kids desk super cheaply! Basically this cute desk idea just uses plywood and a couple of metal brackets. They used inexpensive Ikea stools, and then spray painted them a fun color. The only tools you need for this one is a drill and either a sander, or a sandpaper block.

Ok, how can you not be totally in love with this triple DIY floating desk for kids by ‘Ellison Made‘? I mean, who wouldn’t want to do their learning here? Homeschooling would be much easier with this setup. Loving on those cubbies, and the individual bulletin boards for each child are a little bit of genius. Plus, its bright, and fun, and just gives you a happy feel, right? The desk itself is made from plywood and simple pine. And the “house”? Simple paint, with a pine board “roof”.

Kids Double Desk Tutorial

We love this built in DIY kids desk that has double the space for multiple children! From ‘Christina Marie‘, this built in wall desk is made from stock cabinets with a wood butcher block top. They use it for their homeschool room, but it would also be great as a homework desk or craft table. Plenty of room for siblings to be all together, without feeling crowded. This double desk tutorial might also be a great choice for couples who need home office space. Or, use it for all of those reasons! And of course, the cabinets give some great storage for school or art supplies.

Free Kids Desk Plans

Anikas DIY Life‘ has this simple free kids desk plan for you, and this one has storage. The lift top desk keeps all your kiddos stuff out of sight, but close at hand. You could even use this as a Lego table or play desk. It is also small enough to tuck into any corner of the house. (BTW, if you are looking for fun ideas for your kids outdoors, check out our post on Fun & Cool DIY Backyard Ideas over at TGG!)

Homemade Desk

Ok, I just can’t. I love this desk. I can’t see how you will keep your kiddos off of it! Ashley over at ‘Handmade Haven‘ has this incredible tutorial on how to make her house DIY kids desk. This is definitely for someone who is comfortable using power tools, but if you are, (or someone who loves your kids is) the instructions are awesome. She even has a video tutorial, as well as tons of step by step photos.

Where to Buy Kids Desks

If you want a desk that will look great in the room, try the ‘Aikens’ kids desk from ‘Wayfair‘. It has a mid century nod in design style, and two drawers for storage. Will look great from preschool all the way through college. Plus, it’s affordable!

The ‘Taiga’ desk from ‘Amazon‘ has two drawers, cubbies, cork board, a sturdy wooden construction… And comes with the chair! It comes in three colors, and is a classic design that your little one will be happy with into their teen years.

This wooden kids desk from ‘EcoDecors‘ was made for corner spaces, so it’s perfect to fit into a kids room. Comes with a chair too! We love that it has storage space, and a large work surface for art, homeschool, homework or just reading. Free shipping from ‘Wayfair’.

The ‘Balen‘ kids desk with hutch is kinda the ultimate piece of furniture for your child, big or small. The height adjusts to grow with your child. The top also tilts and locks into place, so they can use it for everything from artwork to homework. Tons of storage. Pegboard, reading holder that’s ergonomically designed, and large drawers. The desktop is erasable for those with little ones. A bit pricey, but free shipping and this piece will last for years!

This kids double desk is perfect if you are setting up a room for homeschooling. You could even put four smaller ones here to learn. Lifetime warranty and Greenguard Gold certified to be made with clean materials. Overhead storage for textbooks, and a dry erase sliding door. Kid safe corners and edges, and Made in the USA. Totally worth the investment. Like I mentioned, I homeschooled my kids for awhile when they were young, and this kind of desk would have been so helpful. Get this Jonti-Craft desk from ‘Wayfair‘ with free shipping.

You can find other kids desk ideas with free shipping at ‘Wayfair‘, ‘Amazon‘, and ‘Target‘.

Hopefully, you found a DIY kids desk idea that really fits your family! If you need a grown up version, check out our post on DIY Standing Desk Plans! Also, check out our post on DIY Desks over at OhMeOhMY, DIY Backyard Playhouse plans over at TGG!

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