So, what’s all the hype about standing desks? From someone who has chronic pain issues, sitting all day at my computer has not proven to help. Like, at all. According to the Cleveland Clinic, standing desks can be one solution to an epidemic of inactive bodies. “The more you sit, the more you risk serious health issues.”  Some studies suggest standing, at least part of your work day, can help with everything from pain, to blood sugar issues, to heart health. And with so many of us working at home now, we definitely need to be paying more attention to the downside of our online lives.

These DIY standing desk plans are perfect for anyone who wants to change the sedentary lifestyle of anyone who works on a computer. (Without installing a gym in your office…) And if you don’t want to replace your present desk, no prob. We have DIY standing desk converter ideas for you as well!



How to Use a DIY Standing Desk

So you’ve decided to take the plunge, and try a standing desk. Keep in mind, that too much standing can be almost as bad as too much sitting, so remember these tips.

  • Ease into your standing routine, in 15 minute intervals at a time.
  • Alternate standing with some sitting. If you don’t have an adjustable desk, get an adjustable chair or a bar stool.
  • Your monitor height is important. The top of your monitor should be even with your forehead. Your keyboard should be at belly button height.
  • Posture is also important. If you are putting all your weight on one foot or the other, it’s probably time to take a sitting break.
  • Wear comfy shoes with good support.
  • And whether standing or sitting, every hour make sure you get some stretching and movement in!

Check out these tips for good form while using one of these DIY standing desks over at ‘Wellable‘.


DIY Standing Desk Plans

So the first standing desk DIY we have for you is from one of our favorite blogs, ‘A Beautiful Mess‘. This desk also happens to be really easy to make and is wall mounted so it saves space. They built theirs to wrap around a corner, but your could create any configuration that works for you. They use simple bar stools for when they want to choose sitting. Pretty, simple, and super practical. Oh, did we mention? Inexpensive, too!


Building Gourrez‘  created this simple desk that is simply hairpin legs attached to an Ikea desktop. They have full plans for their DIY standing desk, with lots of step by step photos. They have all the details of what you will need to build this pretty desk!


We are in love with this Ikea Hack from ‘Paper and Stitch‘! They used their pine cabinets to create storage, and added a desk top to make this DIY standing desk that is perfectly pretty, and perfectly practical! The toughest part of this project? Putting together the Ikea cabinets! (They have tips for that too!)


DIY Adjustable Standing Desk Ideas

Build a DIY adjustable standing desk, so you can sit/stand as per what works for you. ‘Family Handyman‘ has free plans to make this wood standing desk that is adjustable from standing height to sitting. This one requires some intermediate woodworking skills, but the end result is an attractive desk that can be customized for anyone’s height and needs.


Jump on over to ‘Rockler‘ and find our how to make this DIY adjustable standing desk that can be used for everything from Zoom meetings to a TV tray after the computer is shut down for the day. Step by step directions.


Travel much? If you need a standing desk you can take on the road, check out these plans from ‘Tiny Shiny Home‘. They use this as they travel in their Airsteam. Brilliant hack for small spaces!


Cheap DIY Stand Up Desk Ideas

So if you are looking for something cheap and easy, try this DIY standing desk from ‘The Storage Wall‘. This whole desk set up costs just about $60 to build, and can easily fit in a corner in the kitchen. Complete plans and step by step photos.

DIY Standing Desk Plans


Using only a 1×10 board and a pallet, ‘Dwelling in Happiness‘ made a super cheap standing desk that hardly takes up any room at all!


DIY Standing Desk Converter

Ok, so you already have a desk, and are kinda attached? You can still try out a sit stand desk. Using one of these DIY standing desk converter ideas, you can raise your normal height top into something that allows you to stand. And it’s just as easy to take the converter away, and go back to a sit down desk. This tutorial from ‘Man Made DIY‘ shows you how to make this super stylish desk riser that can be used to raise your computer height.


Check out ‘Ikeahackers‘ to get ideas like this one for converting your desk to standing height. Two wood crates and a shelf!


Super simple DIY standing desk converter from ‘Creative Green Living‘. One board, some tapered legs… and you have a practical standing height desk with mid century style!


Flexispot Standing Desk Review

So if you want an adjustable standing desk, but DIY’ing is just a little too complicated, we get that. Sometimes, you just want it simple, and you want it to be really just right. Especially when you spend all day at it, right?

We are in love with the Flexispot Kana Pro Standing Desk. Used by multi million dollar corporations like Google, AOL, IBM and Buzzfeed for their employees, and now, used by us! We were lucky enough to get one of their desks sent to us for review. And seriously, we actually fought over whether Steve or I got to use this desk. (I won, BTW…) Why are we including it in this post? Because we are in love. Did we say that already? Here’s why…

  • I can now stand or sit at my desk at the touch of a button.
  • The motor is extremely quiet and smooth. I feel like I am treating myself to some luxurious “office moment” whenever I adjust it. Seriously.
  • The bamboo desktop is gorgeous.
  • It is quality made, with lots of thoughtful features for someone who spends 8-10 hours a day at my computer.
  • It comes with free shipping, free returns, 5 year warranty, powerful and silent motor, child locks, cable management system, 24/7 customer service… I could keep going.

I keep thinking, this would make a perfect homework desk. You can raise it or lower it to fit the child, and also use it as a standing desk for crafting.

This desk costs way less than a new mattress for your bed, and you spend as much time at your desk as you do in bed… so, order this desk. Start using the stand / sit desk routine for your health.

Flexispot Kana Pro Bamboo Standing Desk   –  Use code kanapro30 and you’ll get $30 off!

Standing Desk


We hope you enjoyed our post on DIY standing desk plans. Find out why standing desks may be better for you from the ‘Cleveland Clinic‘. We think you will also love our posts on 12 Fabulous Filing Cabinet Makeovers and DIY Small Home Office Ideas over at OhMeOhMy!

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