If there is one time of year I like to take the time to create a high style table, it’s Thanksgiving! After all, for those few hours, it’s all about the table, isn’t it? It’s kinda like what the dress is to the wedding, the table is to Thanksgiving… So even when my budget is tight, I want a Thanksgiving table to make my food look amazing, and my home feel welcoming. So first, we have a couple things to think about, before you plan your table… Then we have a bunch of gorgeous inexpensive Thanksgiving table decor ideas from talented bloggers who take the time to not only create these tablescapes, (on a budget!) but share them!


High Style, Low Budget - Thanksgiving Tables


Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas

Thanksgiving Table Decor Tips:

  • Set up a sideboard. Otherwise you will be thinking “where will the mashed potatoes go?” all through the creative process… Have a side table to hold the food. You can even create one from a card table covered with pretty cloths.
  • Plan to set the table the day before Thanksgiving. You can turn bowls and glasses upside down to keep any dust out ’till you need them. This makes decorating the Thanksgiving table fun… NOT an exercise in exhaustion after you have cooked for an army.
  • Choose a scheme before hand. You don’t have to do orange pumpkins and brown napkins. (As evidenced by these creative, high style tables!) But you also don’t have to feel like you have to step out of the traditional in order to have a high style table.
  • Remember, at the holidays, more is more. The key to creating a luxurious look on a budget is to choose an affordable element, and use lots of it. Then add supporting characters.
  • Use metallic to add extra sparkle to a table that’s missing “something”.
  • Think in layers.
  • Add a personal touch. A handmade place card. Specialty folded napkins. A small card for each guest to write their “Thankful Things’…
  • Lastly, don’t forget, while I love great style in anything, that in the end, it’s all about the people.  :)


Inexpensive Thanksgiving Table Decorations

Destiny from ‘A Place for Us‘ created this golden holiday table with a little help from West Elm! Ok, you have…yes, HAVE to click through and look at all her photos. This table is so high style, but so many things here that are DIY’able! Pretty, and still has traditional elements, but uses almost every suggestion I made above! LOVE!

High Style, Low Budget : Thanksgiving Tables!


Before we get any farther in inspiration, are you confused as to how to set a Thanksgiving table? No problem, Emily Post has us covered.  Check out this info graphic for all the info, whether you want a formal, or informal table setting.



We are in love with these easy, inexpensive Thanksgiving table decor ideas from ‘Lemon Thistle‘. Not only is this table setting idea cheap, it’s also sustainable! She used brown paper as the table cloth (easy cleanup too!) and simply drew place cards and fun accents onto the paper. Add a few organic elements like pumpkins and fresh veggies, and that is really all you need to rock a simple, elegant Thanksgiving table.


Check out this printable Thanksgiving table decor from ‘I Spy DIY‘. Such a pretty place card idea! You must, I mean MUST go on over and check out her whole Thanksgiving table… It. Is. Awesome! Full of great ideas!


We LOVE KariAnne at ‘Thistlewood Farms‘… Her advice on creating fall style carries through to this amazing table. She layered with gift wrap (are you listening, budget decorators?), a table runner and reclaimed wood. Then she created wood leaf placements, and pulled together an amazing pumpkin bling centerpiece! Our fav Thanksgiving table ideas yet!


Harvest produce makes for great inspiration for Thanksgiving table decorations… from ‘Jane Bateman Interiors‘ this would be easy – just repetition of baby pumpkins, alternating with simple candles… Those actually are pumpkin leaves, but any greenery would do. (Think, backyard!)


Oh Happy Day‘ made their Thanksgiving very happy by making a focal point centerpiece that uses color and shading (with inexpensive paint) to create a Thanksgiving table decor scheme that is unforgettable! Go find out how to make this amazing, but cheap thanksgiving table decor!


If you love a nature theme, here are some great ideas for using branches, pinecones and moss and bark garland, which you can find in the floral section of any craft shop now… The lights are optional, but if were to fill a vase with battery operated ones (Christmas section of craft stores) it would add that high style sparkle!



More Easy Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas

These personalized Thanksgiving table setting ideas from ‘Tom Kat Studio” are so amazing, and Kim tells you all about how she had them made… Could you make inexpensive chargers like this with chalkboard paint?



If you want a really glamorous, but inexpensive Thanksgiving table, then check out these awesome and easy ideas from ‘Living with Landyn‘. Her tricks? Gilding grocery store pumpkins with paint, and underlaying the centerpiece with twinkle lights! Elegant, sophisticated… but cheap. :)


Ok, so after I asked the question about making chargers with chalkboard paint… Voila! Nicole at ‘Mendez Manor‘ did just that, and has a tutorial for you so you can do it too! Menu, place cards, or write a quick note to each guest why you are thankful for them!

High Style, Low Budget : Thanksgiving Tables!


I said something above about using metallics, didn’t I? Well ‘BHG‘ used some gold paint and some burlap for their cheap Thanksgiving table decor idea (that doesn’t look cheap!) … and that makes this whole look!



From ‘Pinterest’, this natural table in greens and greys is made special by the log candleholders and plate chargers.



From Kelly McCants on ‘Country Living’, this idea for chalkboard table runner is pure genius for those that do buffet style! They have chalkboard contact paper available now at any well stocked craft store… Perfectly inexpensive Thanksgiving table decor!


So use these Thanksgiving table ideas & decorations to make your celebration shine this year! We love all these ideas, which ones are your favorites?

Want more Thanksgiving? Jump on over to Elegant DIY Thanksgiving Table Decor at our partner site, OhMeOhMy! Also check out our post, How to Decorate with Pumpkins and Gourds!

Image Credits: Living with Landyn, A Place for Us, Emily Post, Lemon Thistle, I Spy DIY, Thistlewood Farms, Jane Bateman Interiors, Oh Happy Day, Trendy Tree, Tom Kat Studio, Mendez Manor, BHG, Pinterest, Country Living


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  1. Jeni November 6, 2014 at 10:57 am

    I love love LOVE all of your painted pumpkins! Your tables are gorgeous!

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    Thanks for all the inspiration!!! Absolutely beautiful!!

  3. Kathy B December 27, 2015 at 2:17 pm

    Love the pumpkin ideas and the chalk contact paper idea. I really liked everything.

  4. Nina September 30, 2016 at 5:46 pm

    This is wonderful Thank you!

  5. [email protected] November 10, 2017 at 6:51 am

    I love the lighted branches with the pinecones. I have those branches but never liked how I used them. Now I know what I need to do. I just discovered your blog and I am really enjoying it. I am a newish blogger and I enjoy the conversation with others.


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