Hands up if you are someone who just can not wait for days to grow a bit warmer and a little longer! If you are looking for some spring decor inspiration that can be wrapped up within a weekend without hurting your wallet then you are in the right place. We will focus mainly on DIY crafts that can be made into fun, family activities and on redoing your spring color palette to add some fresh and inviting spring warmth. You will learn how integrating bright and bold colors and natural elements will help you bring some of that spring indoors.

To get rid of the winter grays, focus on utilizing the maximum amount of natural lighting and consider moving around your furniture for that if needed. Include flowers and floral fabrics, plants, bright hues, and some warm cheer, and change that lighting if you feel like it. 


#1. DIY Tulip Wreath for your Front Door Spring Decor

Tulips are a true representation of spring, so putting some gorgeously tucked into a wreath on your front door has to be the best way to welcome spring. Whether pink is your color or not, if you want your door to scream spring, pink tulips it is! Of course you can go for a store bought one too, but I always find the things I diy to be prettier (and so much fun to make, too!)

spring decor front door tulip wreath
Image source: Chatfieldcort.com


#2. Add a Hanging Flower Basket to your Front Door

If you’ve grown tired of switching out one wreath to another after from fall and winter, switch things up! There’s lots of ideas for beautiful hanging flower baskets to hang along your porch, but this one’s for your front door. I think this one from “Worthing Court” is just perfect for spring decor refresh.

spring decor hanging flower basket for front door

Incorporate a Warm and Bright Color Palette into your Spring Decor

#3. DIY Floral Monogram Letters Decorations for Spring

This is such an elegant way to add Spring hues and a personalized touch to your living space. You can place these on your mantel, a book shelf, your dresser, or even on your bedside table. 

spring decor floral monogram
Image source: thecraftingchicks.com


#4. DIY Spring Decor Pom Pom Flower Pillow

DIY a cute little pillow in bright colors with cheerful pom poms to add that pop of sunshine to your favorite couch. Mix and match with a bright rug or ottoman and it will look so put together and cheerful. Ps- we have a whole post on DIY throw pillow projects if you are looking for more ideas!

spring decor diy floral pom pom pillow
Image source: designimprovised.com



#5. DIY Flower Chandelier

Make this lovely flower chandelier and add it to your tablescape. Your spring meals will seem magical and oh-so-fragrant. This one is especially perfect for when you are hosting a springtime party. Pair it with LED candlesticks and you will have the recipe for a perfect springtime get together.

spring decor diy flower chandelier
Image source: honestlywtf.com


#6. DIY Spring Tea Cup Flower Arrangement

The wonders that you can pull off with a vintage tea set and store-bought flowers are so stunning. This teacup flower arrangement would add life to just any tablespace. Try it out this spring and let your guests feel as if they have stepped into a springtime wonderland.

diy spring table decor flower teacups
Image source: Craftberrybush.com


#7. Rustic Spring Centerpiece with Blue Mason Jars

If you won’t be having many real flowers growing anytime soon, you can diy this centerpiece idea by using some faux florals. Pair faux hydrangeas, tulips, or baby’s breathe with these stunning blue mason jars, birch bark candles. This centerpiece is a great option for a modern farmhouse look that’s a bit rustic but not overdone. 

diy spring decor table centerpiece
Image source: The DIY Mommy



#8. DIY Lavender Flower Painted Mason Jars

These DIY mason jars are a super simple and easy way to catch some of that spring for your indoors. Fill them up with some real lavender stems and you are all set!

 painted lavender mason jars diy
Image source: itallstartedwithpaint.com


#9. Set up a Vase with Floral Branches

Any nice glass bottle and some brightly colored floral branches will keep the spotlight on your mantel even once the winter decor is off. Picking the right combination of the vase and the branches is the real challenge – for a wider and short bottle pick longer stems while for a slim vase pick widespread branches. 

spring flowering branches in a vase
Image source: acultivatednest.com

The branches in the photo above are faux, but you can also buy fresh ones to get delivered to your home (like these tulip magnolia branches from Terrain, pictured below), or grow your own on spring blooming trees.

Flowers From Wall to Wall

#10. Spring Decor Floral Wallpaper

Ok, yes this one is a bit more permanent than the rest, but hear me out! A wallpaper has to be the easiest way to spruce up your living space.  A floral wallpaper when paired with spring decor will look so beautiful. And, throughout the rest of the seasons, you get the same air of spring cheer when you look at your walls. Here’s an option from Wayfair that I think is perfect. It’s springy enough to welcome the season yet subtle enough that it won’t look out of place the rest of the year.

spring floral wallpaper
image source: Wayfair.com

If you’re prepared to really lean into a spring theme year-round, a big mural wallpaper like this one might be for you. Etsy is a surprising source for a ton of beautiful (and even custom) wallpaper designs.

spring wall mural wallpaper
image source: Etsy.com

#11 DIY a Floral Spring Decor Wall Hanging

This DIY springy wall decoration is super gorgeous and brings just the right amount of drama as well. This is a great alternative way to show off your spring buds whether grown in your garden, purchased, or even if they’re faux flowers! I think ranunculus, roses, or tulips would all look great in this dramatic floral display.

spring decor craft- vases with flowers hanging from branch as wall decor
Image source: Collectivegen


#12 Add new plant shelves to display spring decor

Plants are honestly my favorite home decor category any time I’m looking to add something new. Any time of year, plants help to make the home feel fresh, natural, and inviting. If you’re thinking of adding some new houseplants this spring, we’ve got a whole post on our sister blog on how to DIY some new plant shelves!

diy plant shelf

Roll up your sleeves then because it is time to get rid of the winter gloom and thick layers and say hello to lovely pastels and lively florals. This post is proof that even without extravagance, you can make your indoors spring to life. If you are looking for more spring inspiration, you may want to check out these posts on our sister blogs: Early Spring Blooming Flowers, Spring Blooming Trees, Spring Garden Checklist,  Fresh and Colorful Front Door Ideas, Or Coffee Table Styling. You’d also probably enjoy these other posts here on The Budget Decorator: How to Make Paper Roses, DIY Outdoor Planter Ideas, or DIY Throw Pillow Projects.

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