Dollar Store DIY

Dollar Store DIY

Here at TBD, decorating on a budget is what we do, and you can’t ask for more in “budget” ideas than a dollar! We love the idea of dollar store decorating, but we were skeptical. There is a lot of stuff out there that just seems a little too cutesy for our taste… and the idea of budget decorating isn’t to look “cheap”… it’s to make the most of what we have and spend the least amount we can making it work! So we perused Pinterest for days, and found some dollar store DIY projects that look great, are creative and really offer something for the home. So here it is, our take on dollar store decor! Our featured project, above, is a dollar store planter tutorial by ‘Craftberry Bush’!

From ‘Soel Boutique’, this chalkboard platter is an easy project… tray from the dollar store, and chalkboard paint! This is cute! (The good kind of cute!)



Love of Family and Home‘ did the same project, but she gives a good tutorial on how she did it, and I keep thinking how you could create a group wall hanging with several of these, then spell out an inspirational saying with one work on each chalkboard…. or have a family center where each member has their own board to leave notes…



This dollar store wire cloche by ‘The Gathering Place’ is really cool… there is not way I would ever guess it’s a dollar store trash can! Check out their photos!



Make a DIY pebble welcome mat or placemats with dollar store vase pebbles and rubber mat… So easy, and they sell for $30-40 a piece at CB2! From ‘Curbly’.



This beach lantern tutorial is from Wendy at ‘Craft Goodies’, brought to us by ‘The Country Chic Cottage’. Made with dollar store picture frames and a few supplies from Lowes, this is such a cool craft for either indoors or out!

beach bash1


Paint the smooth side of dollar store platters with acrylic paint… BHG recommends 2-3 coats. Then hang as wall art… this is a similar look to the ceiling medallion wall art that is so popular!



‘Dollar Store Crafts’ has a tutorial on making this Pottery Barn inspired dollar store mirror… glue gun and dollar store mirrors, and some foam core board! Yes!



Mod Podge Rocks‘ has a tutorial on making this “I Heart You” picture frame from a dollar store frame and some random craft and scrapbooking supplies! Easy and so cute!



Dollar store or thrift store frames with scrapbook or other pretty papers… Easy!



The Frugal Homemaker‘ took these dollar store vinyl inspirational quotes…


And turned them into this!



‘Hi Sugar Plum’ shows you how to make these DIY mirror boxes with a quick tutorial. I found these as mirrored candle bases in the dollar store. A little bit of inexpensive glamour!



‘The Creativity Exchange’ created this DIY gold leaf vase… dollar store treasure!



Lastly, ‘How Does She?‘ shows us how she made these dollar store frames with Mod Podge! I really think these are all the right shades of cute… I like how the hook and eyes gave it a little bit of an industrial look…


Image Credits: Craftberry Bush, Soel, Love of Family and Home, Gathering Place, Curbly, Craft Goodies, BHG, Dollar Store Crafts, Mod Podge Rocks, Frugal Homemaker, Hi Sugar Plum, Creativity Exchange, How Does She?


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  1. How did you do the ‘The Frugal Homemaker” sign on the platter?

    • It looks like they are decals…

      • Yes, they are decals. I have some of them that I haven’t put to use yet. I see them all over the place and couldn’t believe $ stores had them. Dollar Tree is where I got mine.

  2. I took 6 tubes of dollar store christmas ornaments and threaded them onto a wire clothes hanger to make an affordable version of the ornament wreath…turned out great and only cost me $6 :)

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