If a Whoville Christmas is your idea of holiday bliss, then make some (or all!) of these Grinch Christmas decorations, and grow your heart three sizes this year! The story of the Grinch has warmed our hearts over generations, and appeals to everyone from the youngest little Cindy Lou on up. Who else wants to find  themselves in Whoville this year? So check out these Grinch Christmas trees, ornaments, stockings and more… All of which you can craft, sew and make in a jif! And if you want to share your Grinchy ways with the neighborhood, we found awesome outdoor Grinch Christmas decorations for you too. Everything you need for Whoville Christmas themed holiday is right here!



Grinch Christmas Decorations You Can Make

Grinch Christmas Ornaments

First off, ornaments! You know those cheap little craft wood slices you see at the craft store, and are always wondering what you could do with those? Just me? Well now you know! These DIY Grinch Christmas ornaments from ‘Ruffles and Rainboots’ are super easy with just a few craft supplies and a little bit of fun time at the kitchen table. They have a full tutorial with video to make it really simple. And they even have a tip on where to find a template for the Grinch face!


These Grinch Christmas ornaments are made using a Cricut, but you could use a paint pen or permanent marker as well. ‘Bullock’s Buzz’ filled these clear ornaments with bright green candy and shredded paper. You could also use floral beads or dollar store sprinkles. Check out their full tutorial on these super fun Whoville Christmas decorations!


A little green glitter and some clear coat or glue is all it takes to turn these craft ornaments into the cutest Grinch Christmas decorations! From over at ‘Hoosier Homemade’, go check out all the tips and tricks on how to make this easy holiday craft. They used a vinyl cutting machine to make the face decal, but once again, you could use markers and a template from the internet. (Or, check out the free template in the free Grinch printable project near the bottom of the page!)


Grinch Christmas Stockings

Ok. Grinch Christmas Stockings? How can you not want these??? This one is from ‘Me Sew Crazy’. This free DIY stocking pattern is so easy to sew, you don’t even need a machine! Just a little Grinch fur, a needle and thread. Oh, and her free pattern, don’t forget to download that!


MJ Designs’ created this super fun Grinch stocking hanger, perfect for those of us without mantels. She used a vinyl cutting machine to create the designs, and then simple paint and a pine boar.! However, if you haven’t gotten one of those “perfect for every crafter’ machines yet, check out the Cricut and the Silhouette Cameo. You will use them over, and over, and over…


Whoville Christmas Trees & Toppers

Bring on the Grinch Christmas trees! Creating your own Whoville Christmas is easy, if you nail that iconic tree. Check out these DIY ideas…. Photo by ‘Party City’, which btw, also have awesome Grinch themed decor.


Sawdust 2 Stitches’ took an artificial tree, rearranged some branches, and added some well placed wire and decorations. And check out this Whoville tree! Go check out their step by step directions!


If you want to make some mini DIY Grinch trees, then check out how to make a perfect tabletop version over at ‘Garden Therapy’. Made with a live potted cypress, this Whoville tree would make a perfect hostess or guest gift as well. The plant she chose has the just right bright Grinchy green hue, right? Also, it’s an easy one to find at nurseries. You could do this with a rosemary plant as well, for something with holiday fragrance. Or…


You could check out her 9 foot version of a Grinch Christmas tree too! She used a large potted cedar for this project. She has all the step by step instructions for doing this living version. Again, jump on over to ‘Garden Therapy’ for this tutorial.


Grinch Christmas Wreath

Want to let the neighbors have a sneak peek of the Grinch Christmas decorations you have just inside the front door? Then a wreath is the way to go! ‘From House to Home’ has the perfect one! This DIY Grinch Christmas wreath is made with a styrofoam form, some green feather boas from the craft store, and some small dollar store type ornaments. So much fun! However, what if you wrapped your front door in the white and red striped wrapping paper before you hung it? Wouldn’t that be amazing?


Grinch Outdoor Christmas Decorations

The perfect Grinch outdoor Christmas decoration must be these wood cut outs. Why perfect? Well, first of all, look at them. Second, they are super easy! All you need is some plywood, a jigsaw and then some paint. Oh, and this tutorial from ‘Ehow’.


More Whoville Christmas DIY’s

Grinch Gift Wrap? Yep. This will be the first thing anyone wants to open! Seriously easy, too. You could also use this as Grinch Christmas decorations, there doesn’t have to be a gift inside, does there? A little green tissue paper, a green feather boa from the craft store, and the free template for Grinch’s face is all you need. Jump on over to ‘Ehow’ to find all the step by step instructions. Could you use their face template for some of the other projects in this post, as well?


Military mom Alex designed this free Grinch printable to make the most adorable Christmas countdown! Simply print it out, put it in a frame, and use dry erase markers on the glass to change the days… Jump on over to ‘Three Little Ferns’ to get the download.


Ok, this is adorable! Gnome what I mean? You have to go find out how to make this Grinch dollar store gnome from ‘Ruffles and Rainboots’. Super easy, super cheap, and super cute!

We want you to make this the best holiday season yet! So jump on over to our posts on DIY Candyland Christmas Decorations and Magical Christmas Village Ideas

Finally,  remember…

“It came without ribbons. It came without bows. It came without packages, boxes or bags. Maybe Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store. Maybe, just maybe… Christmas perhaps, means a little bit more.”

-The Grinch

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