Stockings, Stockings, Everywhere! Not enough people make DIY Christmas stockings these days, and that’s a shame! Handmade stockings become a treasured collectible in many families, and are so much magical fun for the kids. It’s a simple sewing project! (We even have a no-sew version!) Here are some tutorials, inspirational photos, and some great links to get you started making DIY Christmas stockings – a wonderful memory for your family, to be used and treasured through the years!




DIY Christmas Stockings

How to Make Stockings

Step One… Determine a theme for the person you are making the stocking…perhaps they like fishing, or cowboys, or ballerinas? I had so many kids to make for, I chose a toyland theme for the whole family, then made each stocking fit its owner. For instance, my baby girl was the angel, and my mischievous boy was the gingerbread boy! You may have an elegant little girl who might be perfect for a Victorian sock, or a little boy who loves Dalmatians! Photo by ‘BHG‘.


Step Two… Determine the material you want to use to make it! I chose felt, because it is cheap, sturdy, and simple to cut and add details. You also may want to consider fleece, or even corduroy or denim. By the way, it is even possible to make these out of paper…they make wonderful candy or gift giving containers!

Step Three… Cut out two basic stocking shapes from your fabric…remember, when it comes to kids, bigger is better! You can either sketch out your own stocking on a brown paper bag and then trace onto the fabric, or use  patterns that can be printed out on your computer and then taped together.

Step Four… Slip a loop of ribbon between the two stocking shapes in the outside corner for a hanger… Sew the stocking shapes together, leaving an opening at the top. If you are using fleece or felt, you can now use decorative thread if you wish to blanket stitch all around the edges of the stocking.

If you are using denim, flannel, or another fabric, sew the stockings halves right sides together, then turn right side out.

Step Five… Now the fun part! Personalize your stocking with what ever fits your theme. Cut out felt shapes or figures and attach with fabric glue. Use dimensional fabric paint or iron on letters to add a name to the stocking. Have a great time using your imagination, or check out the photos below for more ideas!


More DIY Christmas Stocking Ideas

Sew Like My Mom has a great basic tutorial on how to make Christmas stockings!


Family Fun‘ magazine has instructions for this great ice skate DIY Christmas stocking! How fun! Update : Unfortunately, this link no longer works… but no worries! Jump on down to the next project!

Ice skate stocking


See, I told you! ‘My Cakies‘ has us covered with their free pattern for their DIY elf stocking with optional skate blade!


Erin from ‘A New Bloom‘ got inspired by Anthropologie and made us a tutorial for her felt DIY stocking with tassels, and we love ’em! BTW, you don’t need a sewing machine for these stockings!


For you no-sewers, ‘Susie Harris‘ has these great vintage style no-sew stockings that you can make!

No sew stockings


We LOVE these elf DIY Christmas stockings! And apparently, so do you by the number of inquiries we get about it!

Note: The source for this photo of these elf stockings no longer exists, but we have several more options with good tutorials farther down the post!

How to make christmas stockings

From ‘Sew 4 Home‘, these elf DIY Christmas stockings with curlique toes has a full pattern and a few different examples with alternate fabric choices.


Amy at ‘Positively Splendid‘ based her whimsical DIY stocking pattern tutorial on a set by Ballard Designs. Love the details in these fun holiday stockings!


Finally, one of our fav blogs, ‘Dear Lillie‘ has these great ruffled and quilted burlap DIY stockings that anyone would love… don’t you just adore those quilted accents?

What kind of DIY Christmas stockings will you be making? Share the best ideas you’ve seen! If you enjoyed this post, try our DIY snow globes,  or our DIY holiday wreaths!

Image Credits: Positively Splendid, BHG, Sew Like My Mom, Family Fun, My Cakies, A New Bloom, Susie Harris, Sew 4 Home, Dear Lillie








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  1. Barbara Porpora December 9, 2013 at 10:34 am

    Love,love,love the elf stockings. Do you have a pattern that I can purchase. Would love to have them ready for Christmas. Have fabric, etc. Please let me know. Thank you advance for your help.

  2. Lois smith December 7, 2014 at 8:27 am

    My daughter saw the whimsical stockings on Pinterest with the bells on and curled up toes. Do you have a pattern?


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