Looking for an awesome gift that works for just about anyone? Then think home. We all live in a home, and most of us want nice things for it. I mean, the gold accent phase of 2016? Let’s face it, we all yearned after that gold elephant in the World Market window. But if you are giving a present, you want unique home decor gift ideas. After all, who wants to give the same old picture frame anyone can find at the discount store? So here they are, our picks for the perfect gift for the home lover. And, isn’t that really all of us? Most of these are under $60, and many are under $30! (With a couple of splurge buys at the end!)



Unique Home Decor Gift Ideas


The Carter Triangle Wall Shelf from ‘Urban Outfitters’ is small and inexpensive, but looks luxe. We love the copper metal bracket. Pair it with a potted succulent for a really special gift idea. Under $20. | SHOP IT


The DIA natural basket planter is made of seagrass and comes in three sizes. Again, you could pair this with a pretty houseplant, or give it with a gift certificate to’ The Sill’. Better yet, check out our post on 10 Must Have Subscription Boxes. No better gift than that! | SHOP IT


We love the Elavie Flower Pot from ‘Lulu and Georgia‘ because of its elegant shape, but perfectly neutral color. You don’t have to worry about this clashing with anything in your gift recipients home! Free returns if they want to exchange it, too. (But we bet they won’t!) | SHOP IT  If that one is out of stock, try a similar one here.


Can you see a “plant” trend here? Plants are huge, and we hope they stay that way. We are also huge fans of H&M Home… didn’t know they had a home decor section? Well get to know it, and find awesome and unique home decor gifts for affordable prices. This Plant Pot on Pedestal pretty much speaks for itself, right? Again, won’t clash with anyones color scheme. Check out all their other decor ideas while you are there! (You may find a few things for yourself!) | SHOP IT


Ok, give a gift from ‘Anthropologie’, and pretty much any home decorator receiving said gift will be giddy. The Capri Burnished Candle is affordable, and so, so pretty. | SHOP IT Find a similar one here.


This tall glass vase in gold from ‘H&M Home’ is so gorgeous, and less than $25! 12 inches tall, gift it with a bouquet! | SHOP IT


Know anyone who loves travel, and who dreams about worldly destinations? Just about all of us? These Round Pintuck Pillows are full of Bohemian style, and we love the soft velvet fabric and bright colors. From UO. | SHOP IT


The Copper Triangle Mirror Set …  Trendy, but not too trendy, and super stylish. Set of 3. | SHOP IT  If that is out of stock, we also love this one.


We love this Tasseled Cushion from ‘H&M’ so much! A sophisticated and unique home decor gift idea, but one that will look amazing on any sofa. | SHOP IT


The Varena Arched Wall Mirror is less than $60, but fun of sparkle and glam. This mirror can lean against my walls anytime! | SHOP IT


The plant right now, a Monstera Deliciosa. This will make any plant lover squeal (literally) with delight, folks. From ’The Sill’, this comes with the ceramic planter pot. Choose from four planter styles and five colors. | SHOP IT


This Open Weave Basket from ‘Verishop’ has all the fine detail to make this plant basket special enough to give as a gift. | SHOP IT


If you want a splurge gift for someone special (maybe even you!) then check out these Normann Copenhagen Flair Cushions. Made from Italian fabrics, these are super chic and high quality. | SHOP IT  Out of stock? We like these and these.


The Alev Earthenware Vase from ‘Mathches’ is gorge… it’s a matte finish in a beautiful shape made in Portugal. Stunning piece, comes in three color choices. Worth. Every. Penny. | SHOP IT  Sold out? We love this one too.


Everyone is drooling after these Chunky Knit Throw Blankets on Pinterest. Everyone. This one from ‘Urban Outfitters’ is priced well and so cozy! I would love to see this under the tree! | SHOP IT  If that one is out of stock, we LOVE this one.


Poufs and ottomans are trendy, and it’s a super unique home decor gift idea! The Nani Pouf from ‘Lulu & Georgia’ has incredible worldly texture, fit for any living room. | SHOP IT


Ok, we know, This one is a splurge. But so worth it! The Janie Rattan Mirror from ‘Anthropologie’ will make you a pretty popular gift giver. I mean, just look at it! | SHOP IT or Here


Finally, the Derya Vases are a stunning gift, albeit a bit pricey. But they come in a set of three for this price, so you could gift them all to one person, or make three gifts from one purchase! Either way, they are so lovely we could not resist. | SHOP IT  Or try this set of two.

Shopping for gifts is hard. Let us make it easier with these unique home decor gift ideas you can give to just about anyone, from family and friends, to co workers! We think you will also love our posts on How to Bring Palm Springs Style into Your Home Decor and DIY Christmas Mantel Decorating!

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  1. Mia December 10, 2020 at 6:45 am

    Oh, thank you for such good gift ideas. The Alev Earthenware Vase is exactly what I was looking for!


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