We aren’t all lucky enough to have a warm, cozy fireplace in our home, so here at TBD, we have found you some great DIY faux fireplace projects where you can add the look of a fireplace and mantel, without the cost of the real thing! This is a great project for the holidays, but don’t wait for the holidays to add the charm and warmth of a faux fireplace to your home. We love these projects, and are planning one for our home!

Matsutake blog has this great step by step tutorial on building a budget minded faux fireplace for less than $100, and it looks awesome! And ladies, it was done by a woman while her other half was out of town… (I like her technique, lol) Here are her instructions for faux fireplace under $100.

Faux fireplace


This one is probably a mantel purchased from an antique store and backed with a mirror, but I couldn’t resist… why? Because occasionally you can find these old mantels for less than $100, and adding a mirror to the back is easy… Also…who’s to say you couldn’t create this yourself? Scrap wood, a couple of brackets from Home Depot, a good faux antique paint finish…then just secure it directly to the wall. Think how they used to do the “False” store fronts in the olden days! Love this look! I am so trying to replicate this!

Faux fireplace


Harrison Home built a cool faux fireplace that I love becasue it’s simple… I think I would have painted the firebox area a dark color, but I like that cottagey look as well… How about pa9inting the firebox area with chalkboard paint? Leave happy messages? Learn how he made his faux fireplace.

Faux fireplace


Nonis Wonderlust has this one for us…how cool is this! They used pallet and scrap wood to create this rustic, charming and wonderful faux fireplace! Find out how they did it here

Faux fireplace


This project is from A Cultivated Nest, and uses tin ceiling tiles to make a really clever and unique faux fireplace.

faux fireplace


Is that enough for you? I know it has me on a hunt for lumber, because I also, have no fireplace in my home… and I want one! Going to try one of these? Let us know in comments and share with our fellow budget decorators!

Image Credits: A Cultivated Nest, Matsutake, Pinterest, Harrison Home, Nonis Wonderlust


  1. Vicki newsom February 10, 2014 at 7:34 pm

    Help! I live with a black lava fireplace that my husband’s previous wife had built. It doesn’t exactly fit in with my proposed decor. I want shabby chic! Can you tell me how I can paint it to fit in????

    1. Kathy Woodard February 15, 2014 at 1:08 pm

      Black lava might be tough to paint over… Have you thought of creating one of the wood box style faux fireplace surrounds in the post to just cover the lava rock?

  2. Scotty May 21, 2016 at 1:42 am

    Looks unreal! Great stuff.
    If I was a bit more handy I’d give one of these a shot as opposed to the electric fireplace that I wall mounted. Thanks!


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