We up-cycle furniture a lot these days, and I don’t just mean us here at TBD… I think people in general are thinking about reusing things more than they once did, especially DIY’ers, and that’s a great thing! The thing is, sometimes you have to get pretty darn creative to reuse pieces of an item, such as a drawer that has no dresser. Lucky for us, bloggers are some of the most creative people there are! These fabulous repurposed drawer projects are not only smart, they are charming and useful as well! BTW… Ask at Good Will or your local thrift shop. Sometimes they have dressers or nightstands that are too broken down to put out so they set them aside for recycling. They just might let you have the drawers!




From ‘Design Sponge‘, try this cool DIY up-cycled furniture project – drawer hangers! Love the cool knobs too! Great instructions.

DIY repurposed Drawer Projects 35


Beyond the Picket Fence‘ used this old drawer, added a couple of pieces of wood to make dividers, and hung it as amazing repurposed shelving! Easy!

DIY repurposed Drawer Projects 37


Also from ‘Beyond the Picket Fence‘ is this padded top drawer turned stool. Check out how she made this repurposed drawer up-cycled furniture piece!

DIY repurposed Drawer Projects 32


I love Andrea’s idea at ‘Queen B‘ for repurposing old drawers. These front porch planters are so welcoming, makes me want to sit down and chat for a awhile… And isn’t that what you want from your front porch? So pretty!

DIY repurposed Drawer Projects 33


Mindi at ‘My Love 2 Create‘ has my fav up-cycled furniture project yet. She created this underbed storage unit by repurposing drawers from an old dresser. No, they did not come looking like these antique crates like they do now… She did this! You have to check out her tutorial!

DIY repurposed Drawer Projects 36


This next project is a mid century retro styled table up-cycled from old drawers by Vivi at ‘Decor Viva!”. I love this idea of combining a little vintage with a little mid century modern. Tip : Sometimes you can find old tables at a thrift store with great retro legs and a cheap laminate top… Worth the buy for just the legs!

Fabulous Repurposed Drawer Projects


Salvaged Whimsy‘ shows us how to make this silhouette drawer shelf… Great for a traditional or vintage home design!

DIY repurposed Drawer Projects 31


A Very Dandoislion Life‘ used this old repurposed drawer to make a simple tray using distressing paint techniques. I love the way this is styled… what a great little vignette with this awesome drawer redo!

DIY repurposed Drawer Projects 40


LOVE this DIY up-cycled furniture piece! It is a repurposed drawer to plant stand tutorial from Jess at ‘Happy Together‘. I need this for my entryway, it’s so charming!

DIY repurposed Drawer Projects 41


We have one more from ‘Beyond the Picket Fence‘ to share, (isn’t she awesome!)… what a great idea to join 3 drawers, and add a simple piece of scrap wood across the front… instant bar! (She gets extra points ’cause my fav everyday red is here!)

DIY repurposed Drawer Projects 38


Finally, this cute little idea from ‘The Little Corner‘, they repurposed this little antique drawer as a silverware caddy…. Clever!

DIY repurposed Drawer Projects 39

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Image Credits: A Very Dandoislion Life, Design Sponge, Beyond the Picket Fence, Queen B & Me, My Love 2 Create, Decor Viva!, Salvaged Whimsy, Happy Together, Beyond the Picket Fence, The Little Corner


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  1. Linda J August 13, 2015 at 10:22 am

    I really appreciated this post. Lots of fresh ideas. Thanks!

    1. Magpie March 28, 2016 at 7:25 pm

      The ruler on the top is a long box that holds my bobbins. This sits against the wall on my sewing table.

  2. Patty Hughes March 6, 2017 at 11:07 am

    Great ideas, especially love the plant stand,it would also look great with flowers on the front porch.

  3. Pat January 28, 2018 at 6:11 pm

    So many incredible ideas! Can’t wait to get started on my old (1930’s) chest of drawers. Thanks a ton!


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