If you need a dedicated space where you can work from home in peace, but also need to share that space with a guest room for potential visitors, you’re in the right place! Check out this article for inspiration on how to create a home office/guest room hybrid, giving you the best of both worlds!

collage of photos of office guest room ideas


The greyscale home office guest room

Nothing says professional home office like a room of classy grey walls and matching decor. This simple home office setup from Stay Home Style is elegant and free from distractions, and can easily double as a guest room thanks to the convenient fold-out daybed. 

grey home office with sofa bed


Go for ultra-cozy bohemian vibes

This room from Black and Blooms like such a cozy place to work or just curl up and a cozy, rainy day. With plenty of desk space, romantic, somewhat bohemian vibes, and ample natural light, you might actually enjoy working here!bohemian styled home office with daybed


Double the desks, plus workout space

Don’t be fooled by the seemingly small space – Micheala Diane Designs manages to pack a ton into this home office / spare room combo. With two desks, a comfy fold-out sofa bed, and even room for exercise equipment, who says you can’t have it all?!

home office space with guest bed, exercise equipment, and two desks


Minimalist, yet full of storage

Keep it simple and minimize distractions with lots of storage in a spare room and office like this combo from White Sands Design Build. Fold the bed away to give a spacious workspace that’s free of distractions and clutter. Perfect!

guest room with Murphy bed and desk space


The bright home office guest room combo

Brighten up your day with this colorful spare room and home office hybrid from A Beautiful Mess. Although this example is mostly used as a bedroom, adding a larger desk would make it the perfect home office, and how could you have a bad day at work with those colors?!

photo of desk space in a guest bedroom that doubles as and office space


The perfect home office guest room for small spaces

Don’t have a lot of room to work with? No problem! With a fold-out bed and a multi-level desk, (or maybe a diy standing desk) you can create space where there didn’t seem to be any. This example from Almost Makes Perfect adds a colorful rug and simple shelving to give this home office bedroom some character.

before and after photos showing a renovated home office guest room with a sofa, desk, and dresser


The bold guest room office 

What stunning inspiration from Style By Emily Henderson! The dark walls and statement furniture of this room set it apart from most spare room home offices, but it’s got plenty of natural light to brighten it up. This looks like such a great spot to focus and get work done, and those shelves for simple wall decor are great addition.

dark-walled home office space with futon


The DIY home office guest room

Lavender Julep has a clever design here. This DIY murphy bed folds down when needed, and their simple, elegant wooden desk can be moved to the side of the room. When the bed’s not needed, fold it away, and enjoy the best of both worlds!

guest room with Murphy bed and desk


The office guest room with beautiful furniture

Gorgeous desk? Check. Adorable pen holder? Check. Beautiful bookcase? Check. This spare bedroom home office hybrid from Lark and Linen has it all! Furniture choices can make or break your home office bedroom combo, and we feel like they totally nailed this one.

white office guest room with wooden desk


Final tips to create your own perfectly balanced home office guest room

So what are you waiting for? Transform that extra room into a space where you can be super productive and hospitable when you have guests over!

Reset the room for its intended purpose

Here’s a few quick tips for using your office guest room. First, when you use it as a guest room, tidy up before your guests arrive. Staying in a room filled with office clutter will only make someone feel like they are imposing on your work space. Alternatively, be sure to reset the room once your guests leave! You’ll never be able to focus on Monday if the sofa bed still has sheets on it that need to be washed.

Hosting for the holidays?

It may be a good idea to set up a temporary workspace elsewhere in your house. Resetting the room time and time again throughout the already busy holiday season will only add to your stress.

Add hospitable touches when you host

As I mentioned above, you want your guests to feel welcome, not like they’re invading your workspace. Consider providing amenities such as a basket of toiletries, snacks, and some water. This will make them feel like the room is their own for the duration of their stay.

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