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Fabulous Repurposed Drawer Projects

Fabulous Repurposed Drawer Projects…

We repurpose a lot these days, and I don't just mean us here at TBD... I think … Read More

Awesome Ottomans - 10 DIY Projects

Awesome Ottomans • 10 DIY Projects…

Ottomans are more than just a place to put your feet up! They are double duty … Read More

One Day Curb Appeal Projects

One Day Curb Appeal Projects…

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Lovely Lace Decor Projects

Lovely Lace Decor Projects…

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Summer Home Decorating Ideas…

When summer is here,  most of us look for a different home decorating look for … Read More

Spa Bathroom on a Budget

Spa Bathroom on a Budget!…

The bathroom is the one room in the house where we should feel luxury pampering. … Read More

DIY Window Box Ideas

DIY Window Box Projects…

Nothing brightens up the exterior of your house faster and for less money than a … Read More

DIY Budget Wedding Decor Projects

DIY Budget Wedding Decor Projects…

We haven't done any wedding posts on TBD yet, so why now, you might ask? Glad … Read More

Repurpose a Thrift Store Dresser

8 Ways to Repurpose a Thrift Store Dresser…

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Organizing kitchens

9 Traits of an Organized Kitchen…

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How to paint fabric furniture

How to Paint Fabric Furniture…

Ok, so I've known about the idea of painting fabric for quite awhile now, it's … Read More

Glitz and Glam Decor Projects

Glitz and Glam Decor Projects…

If your decor is a little sleepy, nothing like a quick dose of glitz and glam to … Read More