I don’t know how many years I untangled masses of necklaces every single time I wanted to wear one. Like, literally, it took me years to realize there was a better way. But still, I didn’t want a necklace organizer that was just some tall traditional jewelry box. And frankly, I didn’t want to spend the cash on one either! I love all things nature, so I decided to try a little DIY that turned out to be the perfect way to store necklaces in my tiny condo! This driftwood jewelry hanger took me less than a half hour to make, looks very Boho cute, and not only does it keep my necklaces neat and untangled, I can see them now too. I wear all of them more often now that I can pick and choose, without having to spend 20 minutes pulling them apart from each other. Oh, and this DIY necklace holder looks like decor! Here is how to store necklaces on the wall, with just a piece of driftwood and a few simple craft supplies you might already have.



Necklace Organizer DIY Instructions

Making this DIY necklace holder is so stupid simple my friends. You can buy driftwood on Etsy, or at local craft shops. If you decide to collect it on your own, make sure to check regulations in your area and collect responsibly. Then check out this tutorial at ‘A Pretty Fix‘ for how to clean and prep your driftwood for crafting.


Supplies for our driftwood jewelry hanger:

  • Driftwood piece of desired size and shape
  • Leather like cord used for jewelry making (or use twine if you prefer!)
  • Small cup hooks (We used 1/2 inch, hardware stores or Amazon)
  • Drill (That is my lightweight, cordless, under $30 drill that I love!)
  • Drill bit one size smaller than the diameter of your hook


Step One

So figure out how close together you want each necklace hook, and mark with a pencil. You can do this with a measuring tape and get more exact with your spacing. I chose to just kinda go with the natural shape of the driftwood and do it by eye. Try to drill straight into the wood, so that your hooks don’t look angled.


Step Two

Screw the hooks into your DIY necklace holder. Keep in mind, you are working with a natural material here. That means nothing is ever going to look perfect. You might hit a knot and your hook won’t go in straight, or you might have to adjust your placement because a piece of wood chipped off. That’s ok. It’s a driftwood jewelry hanger, not brain surgery. ;)


Step Three

Use the leather cord to create a hanger for your necklace organizer. I simply tied it around each end of the driftwood, at a length that let me hang it where I wanted it. Then trim the ends of the cord. You could also use sisal twine for this step, depending on the look you are going for,


Step Four

Hang your necklaces, add a little air plant for a bit of pretty, (or not) and that is it. Yep, really. Hang from a hook on the wall, pretty much anywhere. The cool thing about this hanger is that you can adjust your necklace organizer to hang straight across, or tip it to the side to fit a smaller space. Thanks to gravity, the necklaces will fall straight down either way. ;)


Necklace Organizer, Finished Version

Looks like it might be time to add to my necklace collection, after all, who wants empty hooks? :)


Hopefully this super easy necklace organizer is the perfect solution for figuring out how to organize necklaces so they don’t get tangled, broken or forgotten! Share with a friend, and also check out our posts on DIY Jewelry Organizers and DIY Closet Organizer Plans.

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