DIY Storage Beds

We all need a bed, and there aren't very many of us who wouldn't like a little more storage space... and we want it on a budget, right? Pretty tall order considering how expensive furniture can be. But, where there is a will, there's a way, so let us introduce you to these DIY storage bed tutorials to help you build your own piece of a furniture for a fraction of what it would cost you to buy it … [Read more...]

10 Easy Storage Hacks All Around the House

Whether you live in a large home or a small one, there never seems to be enough storage, right? These easy DIY storage hacks will help you get and stay organized all around the house. They are clever and fast solutions to the clutter and chaos that can overwhelm your decor and your home. Set a goal to put one of these in place once a week, and before you know it, you will have gotten the art of … [Read more...]

DIY Bathroom Decor & Storage

We just moved into a new house, but it doesn't seem to matter, does it? You always need more bathroom storage! And could a bathroom ever be "too pretty"? I think not. ;) So we start this post out with high hopes that all of us will find at least something to make their bathroom space more the retreat that we all deserve to have. Organized, and drop dead gorge! Our featured photo below, is a … [Read more...]

DIY Jewelry Organizers

After a recent move into a home where we finally have plenty of room to store everything, all I seem to want to do is stay super organized! After all, why ruin a beautiful home stuffing every crevice full of "stuff", right? So one of the first things my daughter Rachel and I wanted was a way to keep our jewelry organized. (Might be because of the tangled mess we found our things in after … [Read more...]

DIY Under Bed Storage

When the closets are packed full, and the garage has no more free space, one of the best places you can go is down under! Under the bed, that is. These DIY under bed storage ideas are not only smart organizing, they are budget friendly too. And let's be real for a second... when you are working on a budget to decorate your home, nothing throws shade on all your efforts more than a bunch of … [Read more...]

Budget Beauty Storage Ideas

If you are anything like me, you could never have too much storage for beauty items. Ok I admit it, I am a little bit of a product junkie. But that does not mean my bathroom has to be cluttered and chaotic! Much as I would love to have a bathroom all to me and my lip glosses, it just doesn't work like that. At least, not in my family! I have to share the space with other humans, as well as my … [Read more...]

Easy Storage Projects with Up-Cycled Cardboard Boxes

Ok, so you have cardboard boxes laying around... Maybe it's after the holidays, or maybe you have a corner in your garage where the box heap grows with each Amazon delivery and Costco trip. The question is, can you do something with these, other than flatten them down for the recycle bin? Well, we have the answer for that... Turn them into cool, up-cycled storage! Have you even taken a peek at … [Read more...]

Simple Tips to a Clutter Free Home

  I admit it. I let clutter build up, even now, after years of blogging about organization, design and decorating! Ok, so it happens to most of us. We let our guard down for a couple of days, and next thing we know there are stacks of mail on the office desk hiding the keyboard, and those library books on the kitchen counter are just waiting to get returned... Oh, and those sample … [Read more...]

9 Traits of an Organized Kitchen

Having an organized kitchen can make the whole house run smoother. After all, the kitchen is the hub of the home, and having it in chaos sets the stage for a whole home in chaos. Use these easy organization tips to make sure your kitchen has everything in it's place! Photo above courtesy of HGTV. 1. The number one rule of an organized kitchen is to store items where you use them. Put your … [Read more...]

Budget Makeup Storage Ideas

Got makeup? Then you have clutter, period. The fact is, I'm a bit of a beauty product junkie. Makeup is not something I need more of! But I also want to have a clutter free bathroom, and I don't want to spend an amount equal to my monthly cell phone bill to buy cute little storage systems. I just don't. With me? Thought so... So here we have it, great budget makeup storage ideas any of you can use … [Read more...]

Storage Ideas Using Repurposed Finds

We love to reuse things in clever ways... And by we, I don't just mean us here at TBD! It's a national obsession, part because it's better for the earth, part because it's better for our creativity. So why not reuse things in a way that solves another problem too - attractive storage? I love it when decor can be pretty and useful! So here are some great inspirational storage ideas using repurposed … [Read more...]

Dollar Store Organizing Ideas

I think it's pretty well accepted now that the dollar store is a great place for budget finds...If you know what to do with them. These dollar store organizing ideas are creative, useful, and only a buck! Ideas for every room of your home. Remember, no amount of decor will cut it if you have "stuff" everywhere... So start here before you develop your design plan, and keep your budget in check by … [Read more...]

Organize Your Kitchen (On a Budget!)

Organizing products and systems can be expensive, even at the discount store. But there is no room in the home where being organized is more important than the kitchen! Let us give you an organizing hand with these great ideas for kitchen organizing on a budget. No matter how tight your wallet, there is always a way to make it better, prettier, cleaner or more enjoyable. Get organized! This … [Read more...]

DIY Label Projects and Free Printables

I'm not normally the most organized person in the world, I have to admit. Poor Steve could tell you stories! Labeling my world isn't the first thing I think of when I want an activity to fill a Saturday afternoon! But there is obsessive organizational labeling, and then there is having fun and making decorative DIY labels for your home, and that's what we have for you in this post... DIY label … [Read more...]

DIY Entryway Projects

The entryway of any house is the busiest place in the home, and if you have kids... well chaos can ensue on any given morning. I would love to have a contractor come in and build me a custom entry/mud room, but that just aint gonna happen folks... So we found for you some DIY entryway projects, on a budget, to help bring some order back into your home. Whether it's backpacks and homework, keys and … [Read more...]

Repurposed Window Shutter Projects

Gotta love 'em... it seems like window shutters kinda started the DIY project generation, didn't they? I remember that being one of the first DIY projects I was drawn to... three old window shutter made into a cool room divider, with nothing but hinges! DIY repurposed window shutter projects are easy, affordable, and shutters are not hard to find. You can look for authentic vintage shutters, or … [Read more...]

Garage Storage on a Budget

One of the biggest problems when trying to decorate your home is seeing through the clutter to the bones of your rooms. Without eliminating the clutter, you will never get a good picture of what the positives and negatives are, and therefore be able to come up with a good decorating plan. This is even more important when decorating on a  budget, because every decision counts! However, we all have … [Read more...]

7 Storage Ideas for Small Kitchens

Not all homes are blessed with large, professional-grade culinary spaces for streamlined meal preparation. Small kitchens can still function perfectly well, even though they lack expansive cabinets and large islands. The issue with tight kitchens is that most homeowners and renters don’t utilize all of the space available to them. Don’t let alcoves go to waste; use these seven ideas to store … [Read more...]

DIY Toy Storage Ideas

With today’s unique toys in all of their various shapes and sizes comes the need for creative methods for storage of these joy-bringing items. There is no longer any need for constant nagging to clean up the toys, because with just a little creativity and for a small cost you can provide the solutions for your little one to store his or her toys easily and safely.  Consider the following DIY … [Read more...]

Organize for Creativity!

OK, well, I know organization isn't really decorating, now is it? But, let's face it, what good is all the effort to create a nice home when it's hidden behind the mess and the clutter? So in order to help us all prevail over the chaos, here are some great home organizing hints and tips for putting everything in its place! (On a budget, of course!) The number one way to reduce clutter and mess? … [Read more...]

Simple Ideas to Organize Your Kitchen

The kitchen is often known as the heart of the home. It is the place where we gather to eat, cook, entertain, and spend time with friends and family. As a result, the kitchen can become one of the most difficult rooms to organize and keep clean. Try some of these tips and time savers to organize your kitchen and simplify your life.   Countertops: * Clean your countertops and remove … [Read more...]

Unique and Repurposed Wall Storage Ideas

Everyone can use more organization in their lives (except those misguided souls who alphabetize their spices, canned goods and color-coordinate their laundry supplies!). Additional wall storage can help bring that organization into your home. And original and re-purposed wall storage ideas can help organization become décor pizzazz! Here are some ideas to get you started: 1. If you have old … [Read more...]

An Organized Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is meant to be a time of remembrance, family and thanks, not a holiday of stress and chaos. Here are 9 easy ways to stay organized for an enjoyable, stress-free Thanksgiving Day: 1. LEAVE COOKING AND CLEANING BEHIND. These days, many people opt to go out for Thanksgiving, instead of cooking and cleaning at home. If you’re an extremely busy person, this may also work for you. If you … [Read more...]

Storage Solutions for Kids’ Rooms

Children may be small, but add up all the things that come with them and you may find yourself with an overflowing room! Creating storage in a child's room is the first step to getting a room under control, and this article has some ideas for inexpensive solutions. 1. Closet organizers are easy to install and there are a variety of price levels from hiring California Closets to do-it-yourself … [Read more...]

Declutter Your Home in 11 Easy Steps

Feeling overwhelmed at the thought of organizing your home? Start on a smaller scale instead and it will be a whole lot easier. For example, instead of starting with the entire house, commit to starting with one room. Follow these 11 steps, and you're well on your way to an organized home: 1. PICK A ROOM--ANY ROOM. Decide on what room to start on. Write it at the top of an 8 1/2 x 11 inch … [Read more...]

50 Ideas to Organize Your Home

“Organize” is a familiar word heard on many of today’s popular decorating shows. Every family has its struggles with some type of clutter whether it is stacks of papers or a cluttered and cramped bathroom. In fact, the National Association of Professional Organizers reports that 80% of what we keep we never use, we wear 20% of the clothes we own while the other 80% hangs there just in case, and … [Read more...]