Welcoming guests into our homes is one of life’s simple pleasures. And what better way to make your guests feel truly at home than by preparing a cozy and well-equipped guest room? If you’re not sure how to start, don’t worry. We’ve put together a list of all the guest room essentials you may not have thought of! Here’s how to set the stage for a memorable stay.

The joy of sharing our space, catching up on old times, and creating new memories is unparalleled. Not to mention, it’s often a necessity around the holidays, family events, or other occasions! So let’s welcome guests with open arms and cozy rooms equipped with everything they’ll need for a comfortable stay.

Practical guest room essentials

Every guest room should have a few foundational items to ensure a comfortable stay. From bedding to connectivity, here are the essentials to consider.

Bedding essentials for a restful sleep

A good night’s sleep is paramount. Many budget decorators may skimp on guest room bedding, especially if that guest room doubles as home office. Even if it means you have to figure out some extra storage, invest in a comfy bedding set complete with a comforter (not a spare blanket you have laying around) and a couple throw pillows to make the room feel complete.

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Bedside lighting

You might know your way around your home in the dark, but your guest probably doesn’t. He or she may also want to read a book before bed. That said, I suggest at least one lamp and maybe a nightlight near the bathroom or door.

An extra blanket for cold nights

For those unpredictable temperature swings, keep extra blankets on hand in a basket or on a blanket ladder. Or, hey, just on the bed?


Making your guests feel at home with guest room baskets

A well-thought-out guest room basket can make your visitors feel pampered and cared for. While these can include true guest room essentials, it’s not a bad idea to some fun treats for guests as well. Here’s everything you’ll want to include in guest room baskets to make their stay memorable.

Toiletry essentials

Stock up on travel-sized toiletries like shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, and lotion. Style them in a cute basket and your guest is sure to feel cared for.

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Snack options

It’s a nice touch to provide some basic snack options. Some guests really don’t like to impose or ask for anything but might be really hungry. Opt for something that won’t get your guest room messy, though. Almonds, fruit bars, and apples are great options that don’t create crumbs.


Additional comfort items

A portable fan (or heater), earplugs, and sleep masks will ensure an uninterrupted sleep no matter the environment. If you have guests coming in after a long travel day in need of good sleep, these will definitely be appreciated.

Here’s some great items to include in your gift room baskets (and some cute baskets to put them in):

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Here’s some great items to include in your gift room baskets (and some cute baskets to put them in):


Storage and organization essentials

A clutter-free and organized guest room can make your visitors feel at ease. Here are some storage solutions to consider.

Give them a place for coats and purses

Some simple coat hooks are a great way to ensure your guests can keep their room tidy. Sometimes simply having a spot to put your outerwear and purse is just the touch that makes you feel settled in.

Make unpacking easy with a suitcase stand

This simple addition will make unpacking a breeze, but it can also protect your bedding. Having a suitcase stand means no gross suitcase wheels getting airport germs or dirt on your comforter.

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Here are some great items to help your guests have a nice and tidy place to stay.

Guest room essentials for the nightstand

A nightstand isn’t just for decor. It’s the perfect spot to place anything guests may want to have readily available and easy to find during their stay. Here are some items to provide in this convenient spot.

guest bedroom with amenities on nightstands
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Charging solutions

No one likes having to ask their host for a phone charger when they realize it’s been forgotten. Providing a dedicated phone charging station is a great way to make guests feel comfortable.


This one seems simple, but the thought goes a long way. It’s such a relief to not have to go find a glass and water in someone else’s kitchen when you realize you’re parched and your hosts have gone to bed. A cute water carafe and glass looks great, too.


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to repeatedly read off a wifi password to a friend whether in my own home or others’. Eliminate the hassle and provide your wifi information written down. The nightstand is a great, visible spot for a card or cute mini chalkboard.

Here are some guest room nightstand essentials:

Additional touches for an exceptional stay

Going the extra mile can turn a good guest room into a great one. Here are some additional touches to consider.

Adding personal touches

A handwritten welcome note, fresh flowers, or even a small gift can make your guests feel truly special.

Make coffee easily accessible

Most guests don’t like to feel like they’re imposing. When it comes to morning coffee, make it easily accessible so they won’t need to ask. This is also a great solution because you don’t have to worry about being awake to make coffee in the morning! Check out our post all about how to set up a stylish coffee station in your home for some helpful tips.

coffee maker brewing an espresso on a kitchen counter with basil in background

Be the hostess with the most-est!

Hosting is an art. It’s about making your guests feel welcomed, valued, and at home. With these tips, your guest room will be ready for anyone, from old friends to distant relatives. Happy hosting!

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